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In today’s hyper competitive marketplace having an excellent online presence is no longer an option for companies – it’s a must! Everyone wants maximum exposure to increase awareness and sales for their brand, but often don’t know how. Big Lemon is here to help; we deliver bespoke websites to perfectly match you and your company’s needs!

The beauty of bespoke website design is that it can be tailored to your brand’s exact requirements and give a unique solution for your company. Most websites need a robust backend behind them, which is why we’ve become experts in WordPress; this allows us to build custom solutions on top of the popular CMS with the safety of a strong platform as support.

A powerful machine!

Because we build from the ground up we are able to embed your website with optimum search engine friendliness. This makes sure the right people find you and provides tangible results to your business as soon as possible after launch. Our websites deliver outstanding aesthetic appeal and slick user friendly interaction. Send us an enquiry for some free advice on your existing website.

A sleek front end!

We work with you from planning and creation to deliver your perfect website. We have everything we need to make your site look the part and stand out from the crowd. The interaction is entirely user led and will work on any platform and device, giving you the best tools possible to present and expand your business.

Beautiful Photography!

Photography is an important aspect of any website – the internet is a visual media, visitors judge with their eyes and will only digest the content if you make the whole experience amazing. The power of good imagery selection is not to be underestimated. That’s why we supply photography and video generation services, just in case you don’t have those all important images you need.