Limitless Trampoline Parks


Limitless Trampoline Park is an independent family run business who’s aim is to provide South Wales with a new form of keeping fit: trampolining. The company aims to work closely with local schools and charities to encourage kids to put the iPad down and engage in an exercise in a fun environment.

We were approached by the guys at Limitless when the trampoline park was only a vision. Our task was to create a brand and website that aligned with the company’s values.



We began our branding process by brainstorming names.

The brand name ‘Limitless’ was chosen because of its positive connotations. This could be applied to many values associated with trampoline parks – limitless fun, exercise, adrenaline, and many other possibilities.

Once the Limitless name was chosen we began mapping the client’s brand positioning. Fun, explorative, welcoming and high energy were some of the values of Limitless, so we began work on a brand identity that matched these core principles. The identity had to portray the high-energy environment and complement the venue’s vibrant equipment, so we created multiple designs inspired by surrealist painters and optical illusions.

After many iterations, and inspired by the Mobius strip, we settled on a logo that took the form of a never-ending shape that also doubled as the ‘M’ in Limitless. We used this approach as a springboard (ah, thank you) and developed the brand further.



With the park build underway at the venue and the brand identity signed off by the clients, we began designing the website. To match the brand identity, the website had to convey the fun and inviting experience offered to adults and children. By utilising a dark design with plenty of vibrant purple and lime green elements the experience of the website definitely has an impact on visitors.

The design, combined with adrenaline filled video and engaging photography, makes the website a pleasant place for users to find out more information about the park and book directly online.


The Outcome

We’re really pleased with the outcome of both the brand and website. It’s safe to say that the guys at Limitless are also jumping for joy (hey-oh) with the outcomes of the project. So-much-so they commissioned a graffiti artist to paint a huge logo in both their trampoline parks, and on the largest wall in each park (which looks super swish, by the way).

You can check out the results of the branding in the video below.