Boma is a learning and community platform for aspiring entrepreneurs. It connects users with people who’ve been there and done it, so they can get everything they need to reach their business aspirations.

Unlike most of our other projects, Boma was born from a mutual collaboration between Big Lemon Creative and the brains behind Welsh ICE and CDF – Gareth I. Jones.

We both wanted to create a platform that would help aspiring business owners learn, trade and grow their business dreams into a reality.

That’s when Boma was born.

The Concept


Having moved our studio to Welsh ICE a little before starting the creation of Boma, we knew the benefits of being surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs and the effect that can have on nurturing the growth of a young business.

We needed a lot of the help and support to scale Big Lemon, and this was was sought after through the co-working community, various programs, and workshops run by Welsh ICE.

As we could see the direct benefit of this aid, it got us thinking – how can we offer similar help to those who can’t access a facility like Welsh ICE?

This is what Boma strives to do.

The Platform

Over the first three months, we worked closely with early stage start-ups and aspiring business owners to plan out a platform that could help them learn, progress and grow their businesses.

The following months resulted in a React web application and React Native iOS and Android apps that offered key features not found anywhere else.


Workshops are a unique way of learning bite sized business topics. Exclusive to Boma, they offer interactive and fun learning about everyday business topics. By removing business jargon and delivered in short, digestible chunks we are able to give information on a range of topics. This covered everything from setting up a business bank account, hiring your first members of staff, to pitching for investment. Boma Workshops cover it all.


Bespoke opinion pieces, interviews, and listicles are among some of the content written exclusively for Boma. A place for entrepreneurs to digest relevant information on helpful topics, news and stories that can help them grow their business.

With features like Bookmarking and Flaring, we made sure that users would never miss content that’s important to them.


From the beginning, Boma set out to become a social hub for entrepreneurs to share advice on everything business. Hearing information from those that have been there and done it is such valuable information. It’s social proof that successful entrepreneurs have experienced the same problems as you.

We developed Boma with community in mind. Users can share invaluable information and communicate with one another in ‘camps’, as well as build out their profile page to engage with other members.

This is just the beginning

Ok, these titles are starting to sound like an Apple Keynote. Sorry.

But, Boma has come a long way since the idea was conceived last April. We started building, changed the focus, created the brand, built some more, pivoted again, carried on building, and then launched a closed beta with our first 50 paying customers!

We’re just about to launch a few amazing new features and open registration to the wider community. Head over to the signup page to get involved.