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How to build something real in seven hours, and ways to make the most of a hack day

We’re lucky enough to live in a country where the government let you access their data and welcome you into their home for a hack day. [Continue Reading...]


ACF Page Builder: WordPress Plugin #2

They say the sequel is almost always worse than the original. Not this time. Our second WordPress plugin, the ACF Page Builder, is here to conquer lands and… well, build pages. Alright, what is this ACF Page Builder? Simply put, it lets you easily build web page structures with a handful of useful layout types. This includes things like banner images, buttons, contact f [Continue Reading...]

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Watch Your Tone – The Importance of Finding your Brand’s Voice

Businesses are much more than just a roomful of desks, an overworked kettle, loads of spreadsheets and the obligatory dying plant in the corner. Businesses are made up of people, and people, love them or loathe them, have personalities. It’s not what a company does, but who it is that makes a brand. A business is shaped by the people who work behind the scenes. It’s abou [Continue Reading...]

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The VIP List of International Brewery Websites (Part 2)

Our first article on brewery websites was a cracker, so we wanted to open it up a little to the rest of the world. It's a big place, you know. As we look further afield, the scale of stand out brewery websites grows substantially (as there are literally thousands to choose from), by looking outside of the UK we can show you how other breweries worldwide are making their webs [Continue Reading...]

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The VIP List of UK Brewery Websites: Our Top 6

We’ve studied brewery websites and branding a lot lately in our effort to get more involved in this amazing industry, and these are some of the cracking websites we’ve found so far. As a brief disclaimer: it was actually a little difficult to find amazing websites brimming with personality in the UK, particularly Wales. This is something we want to change. The British on [Continue Reading...]

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